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Atha अथ षोडशवर्गाध्यायः॥ atha ṣoḍaśavargādhyāyaḥ || This is the chapter title. The word ‘atha’ is an auspicious and inceptive particle which has no English equivalent….

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Guru Vandanā

Lord Śiva is the parameṣṭhi guru which means the ultimate guru and Vedavyāsa is the guru of all creatures on this planet. During the present…

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Primary Divisions

We must not forget that it was the Hindus who discovered what is known as the precession of the Equinoxes, and in their calculation such…

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Sarbani Rath

Sarbani Rath sarbani.rath@srijagannath.org http://sarbanirath.com JSP India Head of SJC 15B Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi 110060, India +91-9810449850 fb/SarbaniRath @sarbanirath Bio: Born on the Thirtieth…

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Method of Three Kings

{tab=Intro} Examination of Rāśi Chart What are the areas we need study in the kṣetra? These include primarily the nature, health and longevity of the…