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Varāhamihira Drekkāṇa

Nomenclature: from Varāhamihira Mihira Drekkana or D3-M Varāhamihira defines the horā and drekkāṇa in the opening chapter of Bṛhat Jātaka (śloka 12). We have defined…

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Kashinath Hora

Introduction Points listed by my student Sanjay Prabhakaran. These are just some starting points. Details of the D2-K Hora was taught in the Himalaya Class…

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Sammukha Horā

Sammukha Rāśi are based on the South Indian Chart where a line passing through Cn-Le junction and Cp-Aq junction divides the zodiac into two parts….

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Horā V Guṇa

Guṇa: refers to the nature of signs and planets as of one of the three types – sattva, rajas or tamas. An imaginary line divides…

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Horā IV Gola

Gola: गोल (gola) refers to sphere or globe as the celestial globe or as the globe of the sun or of the earth in Sūrya…