Know that the lords of catvāriṁśāṁśa [40th division previously called Khavedāṁśa], for odd signs are reckoned from Aries while for even signs they are reckoned from Libra. Recall the hora division associated with this type of division, the male-female explanations.

  • This is not parivṛtti division.
  • The count starting from Aries ends at Cancer but the first khavedāṁśa of Taurus is Libra indicating discontinuity.
  • Aries, Libra are 1st-7th houses of natural zodiac; this principle of starting from 1st or 7th is extensively used in Jaimini Sutra and also by Parāśara in Rāśi daśā

It is evident then that the first sexual impulse of masculine or feminine gender comes from this divisional chart. It sets the tone for the development of a male or a female – in the super consciousness plane. It also shows the genetic code that develops into the male/female being. It is not necessary that every male must have a masculine khavedāṁśa or every female must have a feminine khavedāṁśa. We study this in advanced classes in the future, and please do not start speculating. This is the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that the khavedāṁśa holds, after all it is a “veda-aṁśa” that connects to the ‘ख’ (kha) meaning ‘spiritual sky’. Let us get started with the lessons.

Lesson#1: Khavedāṁśa Defined

Know the Earth Mother, they lovingly call Her Kali, Durga, Mary, Petka, Tara, Fatima and by so many other names that portrays Her moods and various forms.

Lesson#2: Serial Killers

Sorrow of the Earth Mother

Lesson#3: Booming Billionaires

Smile of the Earth Mother

Lesson#4: Blessed Bhakti

Love of the Earth Mother