Agni: Supreme light of the Holy Father as Brahma (Mars: Brahmacārya), Śiva (Sun: Ātmā Jyoti) and Viṣṇu (Jupiter: Satya Jyoti)

तथाक्षवेदभागानामधिपाश्चरभे क्रियात् ।
स्थिरे सिंहाद् द्विभेचापात् …
tathākṣavedabhāgānāmadhipāścarabhe kriyāt |
sthire siṁhād dvibhecāpāt …

The lords of akṣavedāṁśa [45th division], are reckoned regular and direct for movable signs starting from Aries, for fixed signs starting from Leo and for dual signs starting from Sagittarius.

  • Just as Khavedāṁśa (D40) followed the prākṛti principle of 1st-7th, the akṣavedāṁśa follows the agni-trikoṇa considered most auspicious (kṛta yuga)
  • Ākāśa tattva descends through this varga and holds everything together – parts of the body, as well as parts of family, parts of life etc. are all held together in place
All signs start in the Agni rāśi in Kendra called ‘Agni-Kendra’ and end in the 9th house (father).These Agni Rāśi in Kendra are Rājayoga initiators and have the power of Sūrya Deva
  • Chara Lagna > Aries | Mars
  • Sthira Lagna > Leo | Sun
  • Dvisva Lagna >Sagittarius | Jupiter
Dictum: [Rāśi Chart] If Sun is alone in Agni-Kendra sign the soul is extremely powerful [Rāśi Chart] provided it gains other strengths
  • Gāyatrī mantra flows through the Agni Kendra rāśi to the Lagna because Gāyatrī only works through the kendra that mark the four saṅdhyā
  • What one does with this power is seen from two factors (1) Lord of Sun sign and (2) Moon (mind that directs the use) …study these video lessons which introduce the depth of the D40-Chart