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Chandrāṁśa is the navāṁśa sign of the Moon. It is an important part of bhāgya (fortune) as fortune manifests within the human society, and society…

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We study the anitya bhāgya kāraka … just to recapitulate – anitya kāraka of any bhāva is the dispositor of the lord of that bhāva….

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Bhagya-I Dharma

Dharma, represented by the bull (of Śiva) called Nandiśvara, has four legs. These legs are Dharma Leg Yuga Lagna Bhāva Tapaḥ (austerity) Kṛta Ākāśa Karma…

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Puṣkara is the blessing of Brahma, the Creator who grants longevity. In this lesson presentation we study the puṣkarāṁśa aspect of the navāṁśa namely –…

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D9 Janma

 Navāṁśa is a print of the karma of past life manifesting in this life. It starts right from the moment of birth, and that helps…