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Somanāth Drekkāṇa

D3-S Chart The construction (mapping) of the Somanāth drekkāṇa is similar to the parivṛtti drekkāṇa (just like the horā) but with a difference in that…

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Jagannāth Drekkāṇa

Definition The three drekkāṇa of a sign are its trines with the first in a movable sign, second in a fixed sign and third in…

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Varāhamihira Drekkāṇa

Nomenclature: from Varāhamihira Mihira Drekkana or D3-M Varāhamihira defines the horā and drekkāṇa in the opening chapter of Bṛhat Jātaka (śloka 12). We have defined…

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Parivṛtti Drekkāṇa

This is the simplest of the regular drekkāṇa charts and just like the parivṛtti horā, is based on direct count from Aries for the 36…

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Parāśara Drekkāṇa

Overview This is the first of drekkāṇa charts based on the completion of the circle of the zodiac which is the real meaning of parivṛtti….