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D4 Slides

D4 Chart: Caturthāṁśa When we divide the rāśi into four parts we have four divisions measuring 7°30’ each. These map into the kendra from every…

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Caturthāṁśa Application

Warning: There are words in here which you may not understand, like argalā or ārūḍha. This will be taught in later years of this course….

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Caturthāṁśa: D4 Chart

Caturthāṁśa calculation The one-fourth (quarter) division of a rāśi measures 7°30’ and there are four such caturthāṁśa [called ‘turyāṁśa’ by Parāśara] in every sign. The…

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D4 Introduction

Turyāṁśa Śloka 9½: स्वर्क्षादिकेन्द्रपतयस्तुर्यांशेशाः क्रियादिषु। svarkṣādikendrapatayasturyāṁśeśāḥ kriyādiṣu | sva-self; rkṣa-sign; adi-others; kendra-quadrants; pati-lord; turya-fourth, fourth state of soul; aṁśa-part, division; īśa-lord; kriyā-Aries; Translation: The turyāṁśa…